Friends of green Suriname

Our mission is to protect nature, and its biodiversity, for the benefit of humanity.

Friends of Green Suriname is directing corporate support to nature conservation for the well-being of humans. In the past 20 years Conservation International Suriname has demonstrated its dedication to conserving nature so that people can thrive.

Since 2014 we are aiming to create a constituency of partners in Suriname who will support our organization for the purpose of improving environmental practices and preserving the benefits we all receive from nature, like fresh air and clean water. The knowledge that human well-being, healthy, sustainable economies, and sound business practices are intrinsically linked is what drives CI Suriname’s fund engagement strategy. Our vision is that corporations have a critical role to play in the existence of our organization and our important work. We are therefore inviting companies to subscribe to our fund development community Friends of Green Suriname! Learn more about the profile of a Friend of Green Suriname.

A "joint venture" with nature
We wish to work with companies in a variety of ways and value the great importance of developing partnerships that are mutually beneficial. The success of CI Suriname’s mission and strategic direction – safeguarding nature for the well being of people – will depend in part on mobilizing private sector ingenuity and resources to create a healthy sustainable economy.

To get the most out of your partnership with Friends of Green Suriname we will encourage you to increase your exposure and employee awareness by using the tools that we developed especially for our Friends of Green Suriname. You can use these communication tools to raise private awareness about environmental solutions and empower your clients, suppliers and other stakeholders to make a difference.

To learn more about how Conservation International engages private sector in conservation please take a look at these inspiring examples.
To learn more about our recent projects please take a look at our reports (in Dutch).

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Nature doesn’t need people, but people desperately need nature.
Conservation International is starting a new conversation about nature that puts people at the center of the discussion. A star-studded cast of celebrities have all lent their voices to share this important message.

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Statement “ Protection of reservoirs of natural capital is necessary for sustainable land management ”

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